Company Celebrates First Year– FLORENCE, Ky. – Furlong Building Enterprises LLC celebrated its one-year anniversary  with a ribbon cutting, the traditional way a company opens its business.

Furlong Building Enterprises, a commercial and industrial construction firm, celebrated its first year and its move to Northern Kentucky on Wednesday, March 24 by underscoring the start the company has been able to give to its employees. They only number seven but for them the company has made a big difference.

“All of the folks that we hired were on unemployment so we’ve generated and stimulated these jobs,” said Jude Hehman, company president. “To think that we’re helping support their families is very gratifying.”

Hehman said the workers he employed were previously unemployed due to economic conditions beyond their control in an industry that has experienced in extremely difficult times.

“It’s a faith journey. It’s taking a leap of faith and really believing in yourself and believing in what you have to offer,” Hehman said at the celebration marking the company’s move from Miamitown, Ohio to Florence, Ky.

The company, located at 7000 Houston Road , Building 100, saw more than $3 million in gross sales in its first year.

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